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The Region of 'Friuli-Venezia Giulia' is situated along the alpine ridge in the extreme northeast of Italy, with borders to the north with Austria, to the east with Slovenia, to the west with the Italian Veneto region and to the south with the Adriatic Sea.


It has ‘mari e monti’ (from the Sea to the Mountains).

Its people have had to struggle with many conquerors and a land often impoverished and inhospitable. From the Celts in Carnia to the Romans who established Aquileia, the Longobards, the Huns, through to the more ‘recent’ period of Napoleon and then the domination by the Austro-Hungarians.

The language “Friulano” has within it a vast range of dialects, many reflecting its strategic position and the connections with the Celtic, Longobard, Germanic, Slav, Venetian and Tuscan past.


Today, Friuli is a flourishing Region; industries have grown making the most of its ideal and almost central location on the European continent. It is well known for its chairs, white goods, ceramics, mosaics, wines, cheeses and prosciutto.

The Fogolar Furlan

Founded in 1957, the original location on Mansfield Street in Thornbury was built by Members,
for Members, a place where fellow countrymen could come and feel at home, further cementing the spirit of the Fogolar. Since our relocation in March 1985, we have continued to provide the community, members, families and friends with a warm and inviting social setting.


Many generations have been an integral part of continuing the traditions of the Furlan, Balleto, Bocce, Soccer and Friuli Day Sagre; all of which have been signatures of the Club over the years.


The Furlan Club has continued to change and evolve for the generations to come. Providing evenings such as our family friendly Bistro, weekly Members night, our newest addition The Thorn 3071, monthly Rock & Roll dances, Pensioner Lunches, Bottomless Gnocchi nights and Nonna & Mum's cooking class.

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